Thirunallar sani peyarchi 2020

Thirunallar sani peyarchi 2020

Devotees facing evil effects of Saturn, Sani dasa and shani dosha and also having kantaka sani can visit this temple for nivaran. Thirunallar Saneeswaran Temple is always crowded with devotees during Shani Peyarchi festival. He can be offered with the flowers — vanni and blue kuvalai; and rice mixed with sesame powder. Devotees who want to perform pooja for Lord Saneeswara Baghavan temple and receive archana prasadams by post can :. While remitting the amount the Name, Address and Birth Star etc.

thirunallar sani peyarchi 2020

Temples of south India are one among the most visited pilgrimage destinations. South Indian temples are famous for Dravidian style and Vijayanagara style architecture.

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Thiruparankundram Murugan Temple Darshan Timings.There is a story behind how this temple is so important for Saneeswaran worship. Saneeswaran is actually a just planet that has effects on the person according to his karmas deeds. However, people misunderstood and dreaded the very mention of the name. Similarly Ashtama Shani is also feared. Lord Shiva was pleased with Saneeswaran and conferred him the title Saneeswaran here.

No other planet has the tag Easwaran attached. The road to Thirunallaru is a beautiful scenic one, surrounded by lush green fields on the route from Mayuram to Karaikkal, near the temple city of Kumbakonam, TamilNadu.

It is situated on the highway from Kumbakonam to Peralam. There are many agricultural fields on all the four sides. River, tanks and canals that crisscross the place not only gladden our heart but also quench our thirst. The temple of Sani Bhagwan adorns the center to the town. The Sannidhi Sanctum Sanctorum here Lord Sani gives darshan and he faces the east direction contrary to his position that is usually west. Thirunallar is around 65km from Kumbakonam, near Karaikkal.

Devotees throng this place during Sani peyarchi, when planet Saturn transits between zodiac signs, an event that happens once in 2.

The holy place was previously known by some other names like; Dharparanyam, Nagavitangapuram, Naleswaram etc according to the temple lore. The temple lore mentions 13 teerthams sacred water tanks in this place.

2017 - 2020 Sani peyarchi palangal

Saraswathi Teertham: Near the sannidhi holy chamber of the Goddess and opposite tot he rampart is a sacred tank known as Vani Teertham or Saraswathi teertham. If one bathes regularly for a Mandala 4 days. If you go towards the North from the temple, you can see Anna theertham and Agasthiar theertham. Nala theertham: The most famous among the sacred tank of this place is Nala theertham.

If you take bath in itall sins and all inflictions will disappear like the mist which evaporates when the sun rises. Near it is the Nala Koopam well. Mythology eulogises this place by declaring that for the sake of King Nala, Lord Siva brought the Ganges here using his trident trishul. If one takes bath in the Nala teertham on the first day of the Tamil Month, it is believed that his body will become fair complexioned like Lord Siva, they will enjoy all worldy pleasures.

There is one Ganga Koopam well dug by Nala. In short, these tanks are sacred and sublime. Saneeswaran in a niche in a wall Thirunallaru.

It is the cynosure of the town.Sani Peyarchi is one of the important festivals observed by the temple. The transition of Saturn between two zodiac signs is called Sani Peyarchi. The next transition will be from Sagittarius to Capricorn. Disclaimer : We respect your thoughts and views! But we need to be judicious while moderating your comments.

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Signs missed and steps slowed in Trump's pandemic response. Home States Tamil Nadu. Sani Peyarchi not today, clarifies Thirunallar temple in Tamil Nadu Sani Peyarchi is one of the important festivals observed by the temple.

Image used for representational purposes. Photo Chithra Madhavan. By Express News Service. Download now. Wives of CRPF personnel make protective gear for healthcare staff. Mumbai's NSCI dome made into quarantine facility with beds. Indian doctor in New York: 'We are forced to decide who gets to live'. Poor and migrant labourers stuck in dilemma.The Saneeswaran Temple is one of the Navagraha Temples, where the presiding deity is Lord Shiva but the temple is known for Lord Saneeswaran [Saturn] who is the doorkeeper here for Shiva.

thirunallar sani peyarchi 2020

It is believed you can only see Lord Shiva after seeking bessing from Saneeswaran. Lord Shiva is in the form of Dharbaranyeswarar here. Long ago the place where the temple is situated was dense forest of Dharbha Grass, and thus Shiva is worshipped as Dharbaranyeswarar, and the temple got its other name Dharbaranyeswarar Temple. The lingam worshipped here is a Swayambhu Lingam, which means it is not man made, rather it is a self-manifested Lingam.

Saneeswaran is the son of Chaya Devi and Lord Surya, and even a mere sight of him is said to be destructive. There is an interesting legend behind this temple which proves the effects of Saneeswaran, and it goes like this- King Nala who was a great ruler and was gifted with all the happiness in life. At some point of his life he fall under the influence of Ezharai Sani and lost his kingdom, separated from his children and wife, and walked and wandered on streets like a beggar.

That is when Bharadwaja Muni, a sage asked him to visit Thirunallar and worship Dharbaranyeswarar. It was only after a dip in the holy tank here that he got free of the effects of Saneeswaran. Shiva after this asked him to stay there and bless all his devotees. In this temple you can see Saneeswaran pose his hands as Abhayahastha, which means he offers blessings to his devotees.

Sani Peyarchi festival is the most celebrated festival of the Saneeswaran Temple.

thirunallar sani peyarchi 2020

It is a 2 day long festival conducted every two and half years when Sani [Saturn] changes its rashi or position. Shivaratri Festival is celebrated during the months of February- March every year and the traditional Brahmotsavam festival during the Vaikasi month. The Saneeswaran temple is situated at Thirunallar, a small town in Karaikal. Karaikal is a Union Territory of Pondicherry. You can easily connect the temple by air, rail or road.

The nearest airport is Trichy International Airport which is kms away from Thirunallar. Nagore Railway Station is the nearest to the temple, just 10 kms away. There are a lot of trains passing through Nagore, therefore you can easily catch a train from mostly any part of the country. The nearest city is Thanjavur which is kms towards West. Pondicherry is kms towards North and Trichy, kms towards West.

Saneeswaran Temple - Thirunallar - pondicherry. By Rail: Nagore Railway Station is the nearest to the temple, just 10 kms away.Meena rashi is the last among 12 Rashi system in Hindu Astrology and all other Astrology theories.

In periods, Shani transits into Makara Rashi Capricorn. Shani is the Planet which spends longest time in each zodiac than any other graha in our Navagrahas. On 24 January at 9. Shani becomes retrograde on 11 May It will bring good results in all fronts of life for Meena rashi natives. Saturn Transit into 11th sign will bring excellent results to Meena Rashi. Financial gains, new position, success in all undertakings, good health, own efforts bring success, gains from friends and relation, gain from father, domestic happiness, religious ceremonies and auspicious work, cooperation from other people, time for team work in all spheres.

This is a good period in financial front. Unnecessary and unexpected expenses may hurt meena rashi natives but you will gain more income than expenses. There is a possibility of gaining some extra income sources. This will be major reason for flow of money. There is a chance of buying home, land and other property. Career wise in job front, this Saturn Transit in Capricorn may be a good time for Meena Rashi natives.

Smoother work at work place will enable you to work harder for your organisation. Do not take your professional duties lightly, otherwise you will face problems. There is a possibility of relocation or transfer. In business front also, its a time to be cheerful. It is a good time for business expansion. This is not a good period for giving credit or loans.

There will be a heated situation between you and your prime supplier or customer.

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According to Shani Transit predictions, this is a good time for Meena Rashi natives in education front as well. You will be cheerful with your good results.

You have to put additional efforts to pass in competitive exams with merit. Luck will not favor you during this phase. Lack of concentration, distraction and lack of dedication may bring out the bad results for you. Keep distance from bad friendships and bad habits. You may face critical issues in domestic front. You will have some conflicts with your life partner and your children. All that conflicts will be sorted out due to favorable planetary movements. Health wise as well this is a good time.

Chest, heart and stomach related ailments may spring up. But these ailments will be temporary.

thirunallar sani peyarchi 2020

You should be extra careful if you are suffering from any chronic disease.So we too follow the temple timings for prediction purposes and Pariharas. Good period over. Kanda Sani Started. Not dangerous but definitely worser: After sani peyarchi, sani goes to 7th House Kalathra Sthanam which is also called Kanda Sani.

Many old purana says, When sani is in 7th, People will seek pleasure and in turn gets problems and will lead to family rift. So please be careful. Health wise few problem arises. Kanda sani definitely brings atleast one Kandam or Gandam Most dangerous situation. With prayers and japas, you can reduce number of Kandams Crisis. We guide you to come out of this Shani period without monumental setbacks but definitely with some scar. Kindly do pariharas as many and as much as possible to minimize the effect of Sani.

Visit as many Temples as possible. Humbly requesting you to not to neglect this advice and regret later. Please consult an astrologer near your house and know about the Dasa — Bhukti. If you have good horoscope or Good Dasa — Bhukti during this period, you need not have to worry about this prediction much as Dasa — Bhukti is more important.

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Notice : We are not doing astrological consultation. We restrict ourselves only with general prediction. With prayers and parihara, people of Mithuna can reduce its effect to a considerable extent. Now Sani is going to your 7th house, Kalathra Sthana which is very bad for family life.

2020 சனி பெயர்ச்சி தேதி நேரம் என்ன? 2020 Sani Peyarchi Date & Time

Main problem with this sani peyarchi is fight between couple especially due to illegal relationship or any other bad character. Rift in family esp. Also health wise, Venereal diseases and unknown diseases are very much possible.

Keep your character clean and keep distance with bad character people. Do not fall pray to cheaper sex. Chances of getting unknown and incurable diseases are on the cards.

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So please careful with your health. Shani peyarchi also gives loss of wealth and money, unwanted transfers, misunderstanding with people, accidents and injury sometime fatal. Shani peyarchi also gives the chances of dangerous health condition to wife. Please take care of your wife and consult doctor even for small problems and cure it in the initial stages. Loss of property and assets, Theft and cheating by others, Accident and injury sometime fatalare possible. Generally, this sani peyarchi is not all too good esp, sani which was in a good position all these years, turn very bad.

Do not venture into new things. Avoid arguments otherwise you may spend your time unnecessarily in court rooms. Be patient and honour all your commitments without fail.

2020ல் சனிப் பெயர்ச்சி எப்போது?

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